Organize your Skills – II

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Executive Functioning Package. Package includes:
One Intake with the family and a Pages tutor (1-2 hours)
One Proposal by Pages Tutors of suggestions and tools for EF
One basket of age appropriate EF tools
Scheduling of intake based on availability of donor and highest bidder.

Donated by Pages Tutoring


About Pages Tutoring
Helping Turn the Page of your Academic Journey

Beth Nunes
B.S. Speech and Language Pathology

Danielle Kent
M.S. Special Education
B.A. Elementary Education

Michelle Meyerle
M.S. Ed (Language and Literacy)
B.A. Elementary Education
B.A. Psychology

Mission/Goals We believe that a student reaches his or her full potential when learning is a collaborative effort among the student, family, and educators
Provide individualized and small group support to all learners in a variety of skills and content
Promote growth and independence in the whole student at every developmental stage
Partner with students and families to coordinate educational programming

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